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The Perfect Pair

Wine and food, a dress with the perfect shoes, and especially Kira Fercho original oil paintings and Jane Rohr curated rugs!

Jane owns the Scarab

Centrally located in Colorado’s Vail Valley, The Scarab has been scouting out one-of-a-kind rugs for more than 20 years. Jane has trekked to the weavers’ countries, dye shops, and looms and seen how the color of the sky and other natural inspirations are transformed through weaving into pieces of art that will warm homes thousands of miles away.  With every rug Jane pulled, she told me the story: how the rug was made, where it was made, details of the weaver, and how to use the rug. I could have been there for days! When I asked her, “how do you know all of this?!”  she warmly replied, “I was born in Turkey. My mother still lives there. Because of rug sales, I get to go back and see her”. For Jane, these rugs are more than art. They are heart.



Original oil on canvas, 40” x 50”, $6995

My Journey man series started during the last two years of my father’s life. I had the privilege of getting to be with him/take care of him during that time. I don’t start series of works intentionally. They are more of a journey. In this particular painting, the old chief is turning into the sun, looking forward to what is on the other side.  For a larger view of this painting, visit my website.

Paired with...

Western Inspired by Navajo blankets and Spanish Colonial designs. These hand-knotted modern western styled rugs were created in Nepal with a Tibetan weave. Made of hand-spun wool and authentic dyes that give a rich patina as it ages. The carpets are dense and lush, giving a super soft feel to the touch. 3' x 8' ($2700)  /  8' x 10' ($8000)


Love Wins

Original oil on canvas,60”x 60”($13,495)

This painting is so full of love and life. What keeps me going? Love. I love painting more than anything. I give my paintings my love. In exchange, friends/clients exchange their energy. This has been a rough year for everyone. But, keeping love as my focus has helped me enjoy this time in the studio and with my family. Love wins. Original oil on canvas, 60”x 60”($13,495). Check out the details and "close up"of this beauty, visit my this page and scroll down a bit

Paired with...

"Love Wins" really needs a rug that compliments her by telling her how pretty and smart she is without upstaging her. However, the rug has to be able to hold his own. Minturn, Colorado and Big Sky, Montana have very similar landscapes and many of the homes, in both Minturn and Montana, have an honorary contemporary Native theme and a fairly neutral color palette. I chose this lush, hand-spun wool rug for those reasons. 

9’ x 12’ ($11,500)


Together Again

Original oil on canvas, 60”x 60”($13,495)

This painting is about Tribe Chiefs coming back together after a lifetime of accomplishments. It’s a contemplative piece. The sophisticated gradations of color are breath taking.

Paired with...

A contemporary finely hand-woven rug composed of  Tibetan wool, Chinese silk and natural nettle fibers, giving this ombre designed weave a texture like no other. 8’ x 10’ ($14,000).


Pair your favorites!

For further information on any of these original oil paintings,   call Kira 406.661.1030 or visit To inquire about Jane's one of a kind handmade rugs, call Jane 970.949.1730 or visit



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