By Sabina Dana Plasse


What depicts and defines art in the West is not only its native subject matter, but also a Western artist’s approach and connection to their work and place. Kira Fercho is a Billings, Montana, native, which is also where she works and raises her children with her husband, Kent. In her Billings studio and Big Sky gallery, Kira produces and sells her work, which she has been exhibiting throughout the West in public and private collections and in art spaces for more than 20 years. Like all Impressionist painters before her, Kira paints what she knows—the people, the landscape, the animals, the Montana way of life, and in general, she paints what surrounds her.


A student of Russian and French Impressionist painting combined with Western tonalism, Kira uses an “East meets West” approach in her work that is scripted by her use of the almighty palette knife (which is 90 percent of how she paints) and with, at times, the addition of a natural hogs hair brush. “I am a painter and can paint any color and any size,” tells Kira. “It’s about reaching people’s passion and enjoyment through my expression. Seventy-five percent of my work is mostly commissions, and much of it is for men 50 years old and older, who are often successful and accomplished businessmen, in a place in their life where they would like to invest in fine art for their home, and they have chosen me to enable their vision.”

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