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Let's Road Trip to Paris Montana!

Head to Red Lodge and and navigate directly to Main Street; you can’t miss Paris Montana, a rogue, vogue indie boutique. Go inside and you’ll meet the hero of our story, Heidi. You’ll find her right behind a water bottle that reads, “Don’t be a lady, be a legend”.

Heidi has written her own story about how to create a life you love. With a retail store of her dreams, full of handmade Western couture, perfect gifts and a personally curated selection of high end baubles and trinkets, she’s a perfect match for a small-town community like Red Lodge, overflowing with artistic and contemporary vibes.

I found Heidi and Paris Montana to be the perfect partner to retail my Heirloom Scarves. They’re available now, so take a road trip and discover Paris Montana, right in our own backyard. Read the stories behind the paintings here.


If you aren't able to view the image above, download the pdf version here. Thanks!



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