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Influential Artists Series

For me, painting is 1/3 process, 1/3 product and 1/3 story. I prefer to tell the story of the people, the land and the culture of the West. In particular, where I am from, Montana.

Montana's history has been documented by many artists and authors, one of my favorites is Influential Artist, David Humphreys Miller. He spent a significant amount of time in my home state while working on his project to document the survivors of the Battle of Little Bighorn. Enjoy reading how he dedicated his life to telling the story, through paint and words .

Kira Fercho Influential Artist Series


White Cow Bull was a survivor of the Battle of a Little Big Horn. Mr Miller found 72 survivors of the battle. He learned their language, 13 in all, and ended up painting all 72. He also collected their stories and wrote a book, “Custer’s Fall, The Indian side of the Story.” He also wrote a book called “Ghost Dance” about Wounded Knee. While talking to Joseph White Cow Bull, he was told what happened during the battle. White Cow Bull never said he shot Custer, but from the description of the battle, the Horse the rider was on and corroboration from the others he spoke to, he determined it was Joseph White Cow Bull that shot Custer early in the fight. The horse the rider was on had 4 white stockings and Custer’s horse was the only horse with those markings.

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