Farewell, Russell Chatham

Once upon a time ago, I was 28 years old. I was invited to do a private gallery show with Russell Chatham at The Samarah in Whitefish, MT. It would be his last show of originals and the only time I would visit him in person.

There were 5 established artists invited. I was the first to show. I remember entering the room, it was only me and him. I was pleasantly surprised that he had shown up in “glorified sweats”. I spent an hour talking to him about art (both his and mine). It was surreal.

Afterwards, we went to dinner. True celebrity style, they shut down the restaurant for us. Over drinks on ice, his sentences laced with eloquence and bawd. It was life affirming.

Enjoy this article. A truly comprehensive look at this iconic artist. www.mountainjournal.org


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