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Recently, Coeur d'Alene Gallery asked me to sit on a panel of artists. The discussion was based upon frequent collector questions.

The most notable questions:

Q: How do you protect the value of your artwork?

A: I don’t issue prints & every painting is accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity. All of my paintings are electronically cataloged.

Q: How do you price your art? A: One of the gallery owners noted that is an excellent resource to see an artists notable auctions and get an idea of the market price of an artist’s work.

When you type in: Kira Fercho, this is what you see. Note that my auction prices are very high. This is great for both my collector’s & me. But, it’s not really realistic when you consider that I show in six national galleries and two museums. To balance this out, I price my pieces at fair market value. That means that the price that you see today, will be 10-20% higher next year, regardless of great auction records. I price my artwork below auction value because it provides consistency and insures that the collector is getting an original piece of art that is priced below value.



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