Getting Holiday Ready!

We're right in the middle of Holiday show prep,

it's so "extra" this year because we're headed to Vegas shortly after the annual open house (Nov 16 and 17 more details will be sent tomorrow).

Let's all take a deep breath and remember our favorite ways to stay calm and have a meaningful holiday season. This seemed like the right time to quickly share some of the things that make me happy and get a bit grounded during the chaos. Spread the cheer and share your list with your friends!

1 The coconut cake at Harper & Madison.

2.Enjoying a cocktail at Club 90.

3.The appetizer mushrooms at Edgar Bar.

4. The color orange.

5. Old country music.

One more note... if you are planning on gifting a customized painting this Christmas, I only have a couple of spots left that will allow delivery by Christmas eve. Give me a call at

406-661-1030, I'll save you a spot.

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