Dakota Measures 16 x 72 inches, and is dedicated to the Winyan.


"Winyan is a special person and the Lakota word is derived from Wi-Sun, the beginning of time, and Inyan-the first spirit of creation or stone, a foundation of the people. We all have mothers and grandmothers who have done so much for our families, and it reminds us that we are grateful for the strength and presence of the winyan on this earth. We say Wopila to all of you." -Warfield Moose Jr, Lakota spiritual leader


  • Wrap yourself in this gorgeous chiffon scarf featuring Kira's original art, as you interact with the world around you. Handmade in Canada, ethically produced and amazingly accurate in reflecting the original vibrant colors in her artwork.

    If you would rather purchase this scarf directly from Kira, call 406.661.1030.

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